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    LIE: Barack Obama admitted there wasn't a difference between his view of the Iraq war and Bush's

    TRUTH: In 2004, Obama agreed with Bush that U.S. troops were needed to stabilize Iraq

    LIE: The New York Times reported that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons in 2003

    TRUTH: Iraq almost had a nuclear bomb in 1991, but never revived its weapons program

    LIE: Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Pete Hoekstra proved Iraq had WMDs

    TRUTH: Rick Santorum and Pete Hoekstra hyped pre-Gulf War weapons to justify the 2003 invasion

    LIE: George W. Bush never claimed there was a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq

    TRUTH: Bush cited 9/11 in a letter to Congress announcing the invasion of Iraq

    LIE: Barack Obama tried to get Iraq to delay troop withdrawals until he became President

    TRUTH: Obama told Iraqi officials he would stay out of their talks with Bush on troop presence

    LIE: Saddam Hussein had a weapons of mass destruction program before the Iraq War

    TRUTH: Saddam Hussein never restarted Iraq's WMD programs after the 1991 Gulf War

    LIE: Iraq had ricin prior to the U.S.-led invasion

    TRUTH: Iraq abandoned its ricin program in the mid-1990s