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    LIE: Barack Obama's planning before the 2008 election to transition into office was unprecedented

    TRUTH: All recent presidents have planned their transitions months before Election Day

    LIE: There was never an official investigation of Hillary Clinton’s commodities trades from the 1970s

    TRUTH: Congressional Republicans investigated Hillary Clinton’s commodities trades in 1996

    LIE: ACORN's Bertha Lewis visited the White House

    TRUTH: A woman named Bertha Lewis who was NOT the ACORN CEO visited the White House

    LIE: Barack Obama got rid of a bust of Winston Churchill because he dislikes the British

    TRUTH: The White House returned a bust of Churchill to the British after its loan period ended

    LIE: A group of community organizers prayed to Obama

    TRUTH: A gathering of community organizers was wrongly attacked over a group prayer

    LIE: Barack Obama checked out a 17-year-old girl at a G-8 summit

    TRUTH: Video shows Obama trying to help a person navigate steps at a 2009 G-8 summit

    LIE: Obama science adviser John Holdren called for forced abortion and sterilization

    TRUTH: John Holdren co-wrote a textbook that mentioned coercive methods of population control