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    LIE: The Obama administration supported the release of the Lockerbie bomber

    TRUTH: The Obama administration sent Scotland a letter saying it wouldn’t support releasing the Lockerbie bomber

    LIE: President Bush immediately reacted with urgency to "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in U.S." briefing

    TRUTH: When Bush was briefed on the danger posed by bin Laden, he reportedly said, “All right. You’ve covered your ass now.”

    LIE: The Bush administration had plans to take military action against Al Qaeda prior to 9/11

    TRUTH: A Bush official acknowledged that a plan for military action against Al Qaeda was added after 9/11

    LIE: ACORN registered an accused terrorist to vote

    TRUTH: A man who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges registered to vote at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    LIE: George Soros gave money to try to stop the war on terror

    TRUTH: George Soros gave money to a project fostering relationships between police and Muslim communities

    LIE: The Obama administration covered up the Benghazi attack by pointing to an anti-Islam video

    TRUTH: A bipartisan Senate report connects the Benghazi attack to an anti-Islam video

    LIE: Madeleine Albright insisted on notifying Pakistan prior to a 1998 strike at bin Laden

    TRUTH: A fictional scene in a 2006 miniseries portrayed Madeleine Albright as ruining a strike on bin Laden