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    LIE: Affirmative action “mismatches” students of color with upper-tier colleges and would be better served at less-selective schools

    TRUTH: The “mismatch” theory about collegiate affirmative action is based on bad research

    LIE: Support for affirmative action policies is limited to liberals and left-wing activists

    TRUTH: Major corporations and the military support affirmative action

    LIE: Privatizing Social Security would be better for African-Americans, because the current system is unfair to them

    TRUTH: The progressive features of Social Security benefit African-Americans

    LIE: Obama USDA official Shirley Sherrod made a racist speech at an NAACP event

    TRUTH: Shirley Sherrod was taken out of context and smeared as a racist

    LIE: NAACP members applauded Shirley Sherrod for discriminating against a white farmer

    TRUTH: The video of Shirley Sherrod shows no applause while she talked about a white farmer

    LIE: George Soros admitted to feeling no remorse about helping the Nazis

    TRUTH: George Soros was a Jewish teenager during the Nazi occupation of Hungary

    LIE: Democrats threw Oreo cookies at Michael Steele

    TRUTH: Eyewitnesses cast serious doubt on the idea that Oreos were thrown at Michael Steele