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    LIE: Saddam Hussein had a weapons of mass destruction program before the Iraq War

    TRUTH: Saddam Hussein never restarted Iraq's WMD programs after the 1991 Gulf War

    LIE: Don't Ask, Don't Tell was working

    TRUTH: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was causing attrition in the military before its repeal

    LIE: Nancy Pelosi violated the Logan Act

    TRUTH: The Logan Act doesn’t prevent members of Congress from speaking to foreign governments

    LIE: Iraq had ricin prior to the U.S.-led invasion

    TRUTH: Iraq abandoned its ricin program in the mid-1990s

    LIE: Congress saw the same intelligence as President Bush prior to the Iraq war

    TRUTH: Congress was dependent on the Bush administration for intelligence about Iraq

    LIE: Harry Reid called U.S. troops "losers"

    TRUTH: In 2007, Harry Reid said the Iraq war was only winnable politically

    LIE: The Obama administration supported the release of the Lockerbie bomber

    TRUTH: The Obama administration sent Scotland a letter saying it wouldn’t support releasing the Lockerbie bomber