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    LIE: Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Pete Hoekstra proved Iraq had WMDs

    TRUTH: Rick Santorum and Pete Hoekstra hyped pre-Gulf War weapons to justify the 2003 invasion

    LIE: When the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was stormed by protesters in September 2012, Marines there had been barred from carrying live ammunition

    TRUTH: The Marine Corps debunked a rumor about embassy guards lacking ammunition in 2012

    LIE: Barack Obama wants to create his own private army -- a "civilian national security force"

    TRUTH: Obama proposed expanding foreign service, AmeriCorps, and the Peace Corps

    LIE: President Obama called the death of four Americans at a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, “just a bump in the road”

    TRUTH: Obama said new government sometimes have “bumps in the road” during a 2012 interview

    LIE: FISA doesn't cover wartime searches

    TRUTH: FISA gives the president 15 days after a declaration of war to conduct warrantless surveillance

    LIE: George W. Bush never claimed there was a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq

    TRUTH: Bush cited 9/11 in a letter to Congress announcing the invasion of Iraq

    LIE: Barack Obama tried to get Iraq to delay troop withdrawals until he became President

    TRUTH: Obama told Iraqi officials he would stay out of their talks with Bush on troop presence