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    LIE: Repealing Don't Ask, Don’t Tell has undermined morale and unit cohesion

    TRUTH: A study found morale and unit cohesion were not harmed in the first year after Don’t Ask, Don't Tell was repealed

    LIE: The public did not support the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

    TRUTH: Several major polls showed strong support for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

    LIE: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal hurt retention in the military

    TRUTH: A study found repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t tell didn’t affect retention in the military

    LIE: Repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell would expose servicemembers to greater HIV risk

    TRUTH: The military has regulations and procedures to prevent the spread of HIV

    LIE: Obama's Veterans Administration produced a "Death Book for Veterans" that encourages vets to “pull the plug”

    TRUTH: The VA has encouraged veterans to think about end-of-life care since the Bush administration

    LIE: Barack Obama called U.S. soldiers "murderers"

    TRUTH: Barack Obama said more ground troops in Afghanistan would help reduce civilian casualties

    LIE: When the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was stormed by protesters in September 2012, Marines there had been barred from carrying live ammunition

    TRUTH: The Marine Corps debunked a rumor about embassy guards lacking ammunition in 2012