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    LIE: Right-to-work laws prevent workers’ money from being spent on political activity

    TRUTH: Unions cannot force members to pay for their political activity

    LIE: EFCA eliminates workers’ right to a secret ballot in union votes

    TRUTH: EFCA would strip employers of the right to demand a secret ballot in union votes

    LIE: Obama's NLRB tried to punish Boeing for building a plant in South Carolina, a “right-to-work” state

    TRUTH: Obama's NLRB accused Boeing of illegally retaliating against unions for striking

    LIE: Union autoworkers make $70 an hour

    TRUTH: Union autoworkers' wages in 2008 were about $30 an hour

    LIE: Workers in states without right-to-work laws are forced to unionize

    TRUTH: Forced union membership is banned by federal law

    LIE: Right-to-work laws lead to higher wages and benefits

    TRUTH: Right-to-work laws are associated with lower wages and benefits

    LIE: Right-to-work laws lead to higher employment

    TRUTH: Right-to-work laws have little or no effect on job growth