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    LIE: The Transportation Security Administration is going to screen airline passengers' DNA at airports

    TRUTH: The DHS planed to test a portable DNA screener in refugee cases

    LIE: A "correct" reading of the Constitution does not allow affirmative action in higher education

    TRUTH: The text of the Constitution allows the government to take actions based on race

    LIE: FISA doesn't cover wartime searches

    TRUTH: FISA gives the president 15 days after a declaration of war to conduct warrantless surveillance

    LIE: There are viable alternatives to race-conscious admissions processes for colleges

    TRUTH: “Economic affirmative action” leaves students of color out of top colleges

    LIE: President Bush's warrantless wiretaps never targeted Americans

    TRUTH: The New York Times reported that Bush’s warrantless wiretaps targeted Americans

    LIE: Affirmative action “mismatches” students of color with upper-tier colleges and would be better served at less-selective schools

    TRUTH: The “mismatch” theory about collegiate affirmative action is based on bad research

    LIE: The FISA court prevented the FBI from accessing Zacarias Moussaoui's laptop

    TRUTH: Zacarias Moussaoui’s case never reached the FISA court