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    LIE: Assault weapons are no different from firearms typically used for sporting purposes

    TRUTH: Design features make assault weapons more deadly than other firearms

    LIE: There is no private sales loophole for gun purchases

    TRUTH: Federal law doesn’t require private individuals to do background checks for gun sales

    LIE: New York City's stop-and-frisk policy reduces crime

    TRUTH: No research has ever proven stop-and-frisk to be effective

    LIE: Closing the private sales loophole on background checks for guns would prohibit private citizens from selling firearms

    TRUTH: Some states already require background checks on private gun sales

    LIE: The Obama administration will use information from doctors to make a national database of gun owners

    TRUTH: Doctors do not have to ask patients about guns in their home

    LIE: Treatment of Gitmo prisoners was merely "unpleasant," and not abuse

    TRUTH: A comprehensive, bipartisan report found the U.S. tortured prisoners after 9/11

    LIE: Expanding background checks would place an onerous burden on the transfer of firearms between family members

    TRUTH: The 2013 gun bill would have exempted gun transfers among family from background checks