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    LIE: The Social Security Administration is stockpiling ammunition for nefarious purposes

    TRUTH: Social Security has a small group of armed agents that investigates fraud and other crimes

    LIE: Being an undocumented immigrant is a criminal offense

    TRUTH: Being in the U.S. without permission is a civil violation, not a criminal offense

    LIE: All proposals to prevent gun violence are infringements upon the Second Amendment

    TRUTH: Even Antonin Scalia says that the Second Amendment is “not unlimited”

    LIE: Barack Obama gave Interpol the right to arrest U.S. citizens on U.S. soil

    TRUTH: Interpol does not make arrests in the U.S. or anywhere else

    LIE: Gun violence proposals are ineffective because more guns mean less crime

    TRUTH: The "more guns, less crime" theory is based on severely flawed research

    LIE: Mass shootings are more likely to occur in gun-free zones

    TRUTH: Most recent mass shootings occurred in places where guns were allowed

    LIE: The NRA’s political power forces politicians to support its positions

    TRUTH: The 2012 election showed that the NRA’s political power is limited