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    LIE: Being an undocumented immigrant is a criminal offense

    TRUTH: Being in the U.S. without permission is a civil violation, not a criminal offense

    LIE: The federal government is building a massive NAFTA superhighway

    TRUTH: A nonprofit organization advocated for good truck trade routes in North America

    LIE: A North American Union that will eliminate U.S. sovereignty is imminent

    TRUTH: The North American nations entered a trade agreement in 2005; it was abandoned in 2009

    LIE: Legalizing undocumented immigrants would hurt the economy

    TRUTH: Immigration helps the economy grow

    LIE: The immigration system can be fixed by simply deporting undocumented immigrants

    TRUTH: Deporting all undocumented immigrants would hurt the economy and break up families

    LIE: Undocumented immigrants take jobs away from Americans

    TRUTH: Immigrants and native-born Americans generally don’t compete for the same jobs

    LIE: Legalizing undocumented immigrants increases the “welfare state”

    TRUTH: Immigrants can’t receive support from major federal benefits programs for five years