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    LIE: The government can't run a health care program

    TRUTH: Medicare is a popular government-run health care program

    LIE: Obamacare will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs

    TRUTH: A small percentage of people will choose to work less because of Obamacare

    LIE: Obama science adviser John Holdren called for forced abortion and sterilization

    TRUTH: John Holdren co-wrote a textbook that mentioned coercive methods of population control

    LIE: Nancy Pelosi called health care town hall protesters Nazis

    TRUTH: Nancy Pelosi pointed out health care protesters were carrying signs that used Nazi symbols

    LIE: Government health care is always bad

    TRUTH: Governments in many countries provide better, cheaper health care than the U.S.

    LIE: Teaching young people about contraception encourages them to have sex

    TRUTH: Sex-ed programs delay the onset of sexual activity

    LIE: Banning abortion will end abortions

    TRUTH: Outlawing abortion only forces women to obtain unsafe procedures