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    LIE: Budget reconciliation is the “nuclear option”

    TRUTH: The “nuclear option” is the elimination of filibusters for judicial nominations

    LIE: A New England Journal of Medicine survey found half of doctors would quit over Obamacare

    TRUTH: Conservatives hyped an unscientific survey about the effect of Obamacare on doctors

    LIE: Abortions are necessary to create embryonic stem cells

    TRUTH: Embryonic stem cells are created from embryos that are fertilized in a lab

    LIE: Pollution from coal does not affect public health

    TRUTH: Coal pollution causes breathing problems and many other health problems

    LIE: The Obama administration will use information from doctors to make a national database of gun owners

    TRUTH: Doctors do not have to ask patients about guns in their home

    LIE: Obama's Veterans Administration produced a "Death Book for Veterans" that encourages vets to “pull the plug”

    TRUTH: The VA has encouraged veterans to think about end-of-life care since the Bush administration

    LIE: There was no health care crisis prior to the Affordable Care Act

    TRUTH: From 2000-2007, the number of uninsured in America grew by 7 million