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    LIE: Batteries in electric cars are an environmental hazard

    TRUTH: Electric-car batteries can be recycled

    LIE: Solar energy is too intermittent to power the United States

    TRUTH: The U.S. has potential to generate a substantial amount of solar power

    LIE: Electric car subsidies benefit only the rich

    TRUTH: Federal tax credits make electric cars affordable for the middle class

    LIE: Solar energy is too expensive

    TRUTH: The cost of solar power is dropping rapidly

    LIE: The 2009 cap and trade bill would have required homes to be energy efficient before they could be sold

    TRUTH: The cap and trade bill would have created a voluntary energy-efficiency labeling program

    LIE: Electric vehicles are a threat to the power grid

    TRUTH: Studies have found the power grid can accommodate plug-in vehicles

    LIE: Gasoline prices dropped in late 2008 because President Bush lifted an offshore drilling moratorium

    TRUTH: The decrease in oil prices in 2008-09 was due to the global economic slowdown