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    LIE: Consumers won’t want electric cars because of reduced range

    TRUTH: Electric cars have a range far greater than the average distance driven per day

    LIE: Solar energy results in more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels

    TRUTH: Solar energy creates much less greenhouse gas than fossil fuels

    LIE: CRU scientists "suppressed" opposition

    TRUTH: Climate scientists raised legitimate concerns about a flawed 2003 study

    LIE: Cutting tax subsidies for petroleum companies would raise gasoline prices

    TRUTH: Experts agree cutting tax subsidies to oil companies would have little effect on gas prices

    LIE: Chevy Volt batteries are unsafe

    TRUTH: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the Volt’s battery is as safe as any other car’s

    LIE: Snowstorms prove global warming does not exist

    TRUTH: Snowstorms do not affect the overall trend of global warming

    LIE: Intelligent design is as scientifically sound as evolution

    TRUTH: Evolution is based on the scientific method; intelligent design is not