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    LIE: Regulations on power produced by coal threaten reliability of electricity

    TRUTH: Experts say reductions in coal power won’t affect the system overall

    LIE: Electric cars do not reduce CO2 emissions because coal fuels many power plants

    TRUTH: Plug-in cars emit much less carbon than conventional vehicles

    LIE: Climategate emails revealed that scientists deceptively manipulated data to “hide the decline” in temperatures

    TRUTH: Scientists adjust temperature readings from some tree-ring data because it’s unreliable

    LIE: 2011 sales show Americans won't buy electric cars

    TRUTH: Electric cars sold better in their first year than hybrid vehicles did

    LIE: NASA admitted its data "are in even worse shape" than data from Britain’s Climatic Research Unit

    TRUTH: NASA acknowledged that different organizations use different methods to calculate temperature data

    LIE: The EPA’s 2012 greenhouse gas rule will cause electricity prices to skyrocket

    TRUTH: Experts agree that the EPA’s 2012 greenhouse gas rules won’t affect the cost of electricity

    LIE: Humans cannot destroy ecosystems

    TRUTH: History shows humans have devastated ecosystems, such as the Aral Sea