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    LIE: The Obama administration has tried to shut down natural gas development

    TRUTH: U.S. natural gas production hit an all-time high in 2012

    LIE: Fracking is overregulated

    TRUTH: Fracking was exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act under the Bush administration

    LIE: Fracking poses no risk to water supplies

    TRUTH: Tests have linked water pollution in a Wyoming town to fracking

    LIE: Fracking has been used without incident for over 60 years

    TRUTH: The current fracking practice has been used for less than a decade

    LIE: The natural gas boom solves our energy problem and makes renewable sources irrelevant

    TRUTH: If abundant natural gas supplants renewable energy sources, the climate is imperiled

    LIE: The Obama administration has waged a “war on coal”

    TRUTH: Cheaper natural gas is replacing coal plants regardless of EPA rules

    LIE: EPA regulations are causing coal miners to lose their jobs

    TRUTH: Coal mining employment was higher in 2012 than over the last decade