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    LIE: The United States is becoming more dependent on foreign oil under Barack Obama

    TRUTH: U.S. dependence on imported oil has dramatically declined since it peaked in 2005

    LIE: Barack Obama banned incandescent light bulbs

    TRUTH: Congress passed a law requiring incandescent bulbs to be more efficient in 2007

    LIE: The United States is sitting on 1.4 trillion barrels of oil

    TRUTH: It would be too expensive to recover much of America’s oil reserves

    LIE: Lower oil imports to the United States equal lower gasoline prices

    TRUTH: The market for oil is global, so U.S. production doesn’t affect prices much

    LIE: Wind turbines kill too many birds

    TRUTH: Wind turbines are only responsible for a minute fraction of bird deaths

    LIE: Wind turbines make people sick

    TRUTH: There is no credible research linking wind turbines and illness

    LIE: Wind power will never be economical

    TRUTH: New wind power will soon be cheaper than new coal power