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    LIE: 2009 cap and trade bill would have cost the average household thousand of dollars a year

    TRUTH: The cap and trade bill would have cost households an average of $165 a year

    LIE: The U.S. solar industry receives too many subsidies

    TRUTH: Many young industries needed government subsidies to succeed

    LIE: A single gas blend is a simple solution to high gasoline prices

    TRUTH: Fuel blends reduce emissions at a very low cost

    LIE: Increasing U.S. oil production is a solution to high gasoline prices

    TRUTH: Historically, the amount of oil produced in the U.S. hasn’t affected gasoline prices

    LIE: Eliminating tax subsidies for oil companies would increase gasoline prices

    TRUTH: Even the oil industry admits the subsidies it receives don’t affect gasoline prices

    LIE: Oil companies receive the same tax deductions as everyone else

    TRUTH: Oil companies receive a special tax deduction specifically for drilling

    LIE: Barack Obama has quashed oil production as president

    TRUTH: The U.S. produced more crude oil in 2012 than in any year since 1995