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    LIE: Environmentalists pushed drilling farther offshore, leading to the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

    TRUTH: Oil companies drill far offshore because that’s where the oil is

    LIE: Pollution from coal does not affect public health

    TRUTH: Coal pollution causes breathing problems and many other health problems

    LIE: Coal is the most affordable energy source

    TRUTH: The environmental and health costs of coal outweigh its benefits

    LIE: Higher fuel economy standards are unattainable

    TRUTH: Carmakers support higher fuel economy standards

    LIE: The decline in the generation of coal power is due to Obama’s regulations

    TRUTH: Competition from cheaper natural gas is driving down coal use

    LIE: Higher fuel economy standard will cost consumers

    TRUTH: Higher fuel economy standards mean cars use less gasoline, and save consumers money

    LIE: Higher fuel economy standards are “deadly” because they make vehicle design less safe

    TRUTH: Higher fuel economy standards have mixed effects on vehicle safety