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    LIE: Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional

    TRUTH: The Voting Rights Act draws its authority from the 15th Amendment

    LIE: Barack Obama created his own flag with an O on it

    TRUTH: Obama gave a speech in 2008 in front of Ohio state flags

    LIE: "Car ballots" tainted Al Franken's victory in the 2008 Minnesota Senate election

    TRUTH: Norm Coleman's campaign admitted there was no ballot-tampering in his 2008 race

    LIE: Barack Obama leaked his Western Wall prayer to the media

    TRUTH: A student apologized for taking Obama's note out of the Western Wall

    LIE: Barack Obama's planning before the 2008 election to transition into office was unprecedented

    TRUTH: All recent presidents have planned their transitions months before Election Day

    LIE: Jack Abramoff made campaign contributions to Democrats

    TRUTH: Jack Abramoff’s personal campaign donations went only to Republicans

    LIE: The mainstream media didn't cover Barack Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    TRUTH: Newspapers and TV gave extensive coverage to Obama's relationship with Rev. Wright