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    LIE: Hillary Clinton was behind the smear that Barack Obama was educated in a madrassa

    TRUTH: The smear that Obama attended a madrassa originated on an obscure right-wing website

    LIE: Paul Wellstone’s children said at his memorial service that the “most important thing” was the election for his seat

    TRUTH: Paul Wellstone's children expressed concern for his legacy at his memorial service

    LIE: Barack Obama permitted a Cuban flag to be displayed in a campaign office in 2008

    TRUTH: A volunteer at an unofficial Obama 2008 campaign displayed a Cuban flag

    LIE: Barack Obama said small-business owners didn’t build their own businesses

    TRUTH: Obama said small businesses succeed in part because of infrastructure and education

    LIE: Democrats were never asked about partial-birth abortion or the Iraq National Intelligence Estimate during presidential debates in the 2008 election

    TRUTH: Democrats were asked about the Iraq NIE and partial-birth abortion in 2008 presidential debates

    LIE: Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is outdated

    TRUTH: Events surrounding the 2012 election showed the Voting Rights Act is still needed

    LIE: States covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act are discriminated against unfairly

    TRUTH: States singled out by the Voting Rights Act have a history of racial discrimination