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    LIE: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused the financial crisis

    TRUTH: Private-sector loans were the root of the 2008 financial crisis

    LIE: Democrats tried to give money to ACORN in the TARP legislation

    TRUTH: The TARP legislation didn’t mention ACORN, let alone give it money

    LIE: Bill Clinton blamed Democrats for the financial crisis

    TRUTH: Bill Clinton identified several causes of the financial crisis -- including regulation of Fannie and Freddie

    LIE: Food stamps and unemployment payments are not economic stimulus

    TRUTH: Food stamps and unemployment payments are spent quickly, stimulating the economy

    LIE: Private school teachers earn 60 percent less than public school teachers

    TRUTH: Ann Coulter made a baseless assertion about public school teachers’ pay vs. private

    LIE: Barack Obama ordered GM and Chrysler to pull out of NASCAR

    TRUTH: An April Fool's Day joke said Obama ordered U.S. car companies out of NASCAR

    LIE: Obama's stimulus created the right for AIG to pay bonuses to its executives

    TRUTH: The Bush Treasury Department approved bonuses for AIG executives