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    LIE: Undocumented immigrants take jobs away from Americans

    TRUTH: Immigrants and native-born Americans generally don’t compete for the same jobs

    LIE: Eliminating tax subsidies for oil companies would increase gasoline prices

    TRUTH: Even the oil industry admits the subsidies it receives don’t affect gasoline prices

    LIE: ACORN helped a nationwide child prostitution ring

    TRUTH: Official investigations found no evidence of criminality on the part of ACORN

    LIE: EFCA eliminates workers’ right to a secret ballot in union votes

    TRUTH: EFCA would strip employers of the right to demand a secret ballot in union votes

    LIE: Oil companies receive the same tax deductions as everyone else

    TRUTH: Oil companies receive a special tax deduction specifically for drilling

    LIE: Obama's NLRB tried to punish Boeing for building a plant in South Carolina, a “right-to-work” state

    TRUTH: Obama's NLRB accused Boeing of illegally retaliating against unions for striking

    LIE: Union autoworkers make $70 an hour

    TRUTH: Union autoworkers' wages in 2008 were about $30 an hour