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    LIE: The U.S. solar industry receives too many subsidies

    TRUTH: Many young industries needed government subsidies to succeed

    LIE: Corporate tax rate cuts and capital gains tax rate cuts are the best economic stimulus

    TRUTH: Corporate tax cuts don’t incentivize production -- demand does

    LIE: A single gas blend is a simple solution to high gasoline prices

    TRUTH: Fuel blends reduce emissions at a very low cost

    LIE: Increasing U.S. oil production is a solution to high gasoline prices

    TRUTH: Historically, the amount of oil produced in the U.S. hasn’t affected gasoline prices

    LIE: Larry Summers promised Obama's stimulus would improve the economy "within weeks"

    TRUTH: Larry Summers said certain parts of the stimulus would take effect “within weeks”

    LIE: Barack Obama tried to abolish 410(k)s

    TRUTH: The Obama administration considered ways to promote turning 401(k)s into annuities

    LIE: Social Security is a Ponzi scheme

    TRUTH: Social Security discloses its finances and isn't at risk of not having enough investors