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    LIE: $4.19 billion of stimulus money went to ACORN

    TRUTH: The stimulus did not mention ACORN or give it money

    LIE: Hillary Clinton admitted she's against free markets

    TRUTH: Hillary Clinton said free markets are the greatest force for economic growth

    LIE: The EPA’s 2012 greenhouse gas rule will cause electricity prices to skyrocket

    TRUTH: Experts agree that the EPA’s 2012 greenhouse gas rules won’t affect the cost of electricity

    LIE: Government spending is not stimulus

    TRUTH: Government spending gives people income, which they spend, stimulating the economy

    LIE: The U.S. dollar will be eliminated in favor of the amero, a North American currency

    TRUTH: In 1999, a Canadian economist proposed a single North American currency

    LIE: A North American Union that will eliminate U.S. sovereignty is imminent

    TRUTH: The North American nations entered a trade agreement in 2005; it was abandoned in 2009

    LIE: The 2009 cap and trade bill would have required homes to be energy efficient before they could be sold

    TRUTH: The cap and trade bill would have created a voluntary energy-efficiency labeling program