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    LIE: Obama's stimulus directed money to protect the salt marsh mouse in California

    TRUTH: Boehner's spokesman admitted the stimulus contained no money for the salt marsh mouse

    LIE: Obama's stimulus gave money to ACORN

    TRUTH: ACORN wasn't eligible to receive money from the stimulus

    LIE: Obama's stimulus amounts to spending more than $200,000 per job created

    TRUTH: Calculating the cost of jobs created by the stimulus is complicated

    LIE: Obama's stimulus gave tax credits to undocumented immigrants

    TRUTH: The stimulus expressly banned undocumented immigrants from getting tax credits

    LIE: Cutting corporate taxes and capital gains taxes is effective economic stimulus

    TRUTH: Many economists think cutting corporate taxes and capital gains taxes isn't good economic stimulus

    LIE: Cutting taxes increases revenue

    TRUTH: Economists agree that cutting taxes decreases revenue collected by the government

    LIE: Regulations kill jobs

    TRUTH: Regulations don’t significantly affect the national employment picture