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    LIE: Barack Obama checked out a 17-year-old girl at a G-8 summit

    TRUTH: Video shows Obama trying to help a person navigate steps at a 2009 G-8 summit

    LIE: Barack Obama attended a madrassa as a child

    TRUTH: Obama’s school in Indonesia was attended by children of several religions

    LIE: Barack Obama is a Muslim

    TRUTH: Obama is a Christian, baptized in 1988

    LIE: George Soros admitted to feeling no remorse about helping the Nazis

    TRUTH: George Soros was a Jewish teenager during the Nazi occupation of Hungary

    LIE: Democrats threw Oreo cookies at Michael Steele

    TRUTH: Eyewitnesses cast serious doubt on the idea that Oreos were thrown at Michael Steele

    LIE: Barack Obama's half brother said he has a "Muslim background"

    TRUTH: An Israeli newspaper misreported a quote from Obama's half brother

    LIE: Gay people are more likely to sexually abuse children

    TRUTH: Research shows there is no connection between homosexuality and child sexual abuse