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    LIE: Anita Hill's complaint was merely that Clarence Thomas pressured her to date him

    TRUTH: Anita Hill testified that Clarence Thomas graphically discussed sex acts at work

    LIE: Kevin Jennings is a pedophile

    TRUTH: Accuracy in Media smeared an Obama official as a pedophile

    LIE: A group of community organizers prayed to Obama

    TRUTH: A gathering of community organizers was wrongly attacked over a group prayer

    LIE: NAACP members applauded Shirley Sherrod for discriminating against a white farmer

    TRUTH: The video of Shirley Sherrod shows no applause while she talked about a white farmer

    LIE: GLSEN directed teens to go to gay leather bars in Chicago

    TRUTH: A Chicago visitor’s guide at a GLSEN conference contained an ad for a gay bar

    LIE: GLSEN distributed "fisting kits" to high schoolers at a conference

    TRUTH: High-schoolers at a Massachusetts conference received safe sex kits

    LIE: Kevin Jennings promoted child porn in the classroom

    TRUTH: GLSEN recommended books for older students that contained mature themes