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    LIE: Environmentalists pushed drilling farther offshore, leading to the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

    TRUTH: Oil companies drill far offshore because that’s where the oil is

    LIE: Humans cannot destroy ecosystems

    TRUTH: History shows humans have devastated ecosystems, such as the Aral Sea

    LIE: The 2009 cap and trade bill would have required homes to be energy efficient before they could be sold

    TRUTH: The cap and trade bill would have created a voluntary energy-efficiency labeling program

    LIE: Mercury emissions don't pose a serious health risk because mercury has always been present in the environment

    TRUTH: Far more mercury is in the environment now than before industrialization

    LIE: Barack Obama banned incandescent light bulbs

    TRUTH: Congress passed a law requiring incandescent bulbs to be more efficient in 2007

    LIE: Wind turbines kill too many birds

    TRUTH: Wind turbines are only responsible for a minute fraction of bird deaths

    LIE: Al Gore wants a “Global Marshall Plan” for the environment that would cost the U.S. $100 billion a year

    TRUTH: Al Gore said many parties should share the cost of a “Global Marshall Plan”