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    LIE: Al Gore wants a “Global Marshall Plan” for the environment that would cost the U.S. $100 billion a year

    TRUTH: Al Gore said many parties should share the cost of a “Global Marshall Plan”

    LIE: Al Gore warned there could be a global civil war over the environment

    TRUTH: Al Gore warned of "a kind of global civil war" over the environment

    LIE: The natural gas boom solves our energy problem and makes renewable sources irrelevant

    TRUTH: If abundant natural gas supplants renewable energy sources, the climate is imperiled

    LIE: The Kyoto Protocol specifically targeted the U.S.

    TRUTH: The Kyoto Protocol set up emission reduction targets for all signatories

    LIE: There is no scientific consensus that humans are the primary cause of global warming

    TRUTH: 97 percent of climate scientists agree humans are causing global warming

    LIE: The sun, not human activity, causes global warming

    TRUTH: The world’s top scientists are nearly certain the sun is not causing global warming

    LIE: Global warming can’t be happening because carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant and isn’t bad for the environment

    TRUTH: An excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing climate change