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    LIE: The scientific consensus on global warming was undermined by “Climategate”

    TRUTH: The “Climategate” allegations were disproven by six official investigations

    LIE: Erroneous Himalayan glacier statement in IPCC report undermines evidence of global warming

    TRUTH: An error on Himalayan glaciers in an IPCC report didn’t affect its broader conclusion

    LIE: IPCC report misrepresented a study about the Amazon and drought

    TRUTH: Research shows that a large portion of the Amazon is susceptible to drought

    LIE: A 2010 study debunked the link between global warming and hurricane intensity

    TRUTH: A study found climate change will make hurricanes stronger, but less frequent

    LIE: The director of Britain’s Climatic Research Unit admitted that global warming stopped in 1995

    TRUTH: The CRU director said that 15 years is not enough time for meaningful measurement of warming

    LIE: Scientists at Britain’s Climatic Research Unit “destroyed” raw temperature data

    TRUTH: Weather data from the phony “Climategate” scandal was preserved at the original stations

    LIE: Climategate emails revealed that scientists admitted they used a "trick" to deceptively manipulate data

    TRUTH: Climate scientists sometimes call a shortcut or a clever method a “trick”