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    LIE: Budget reconciliation is the “nuclear option”

    TRUTH: The “nuclear option” is the elimination of filibusters for judicial nominations

    LIE: The New Deal did not lower unemployment

    TRUTH: Except for a brief recession, unemployment fell and the economy grew every year of the New Deal

    LIE: Fiscal stimulus in Japan failed during the "lost decade" of the 1990s

    TRUTH: Japan’s economy lost ground in the 1990s when stimulus was removed

    LIE: Government spending is not stimulus

    TRUTH: Government spending gives people income, which they spend, stimulating the economy

    LIE: The U.S. solar industry receives too many subsidies

    TRUTH: Many young industries needed government subsidies to succeed

    LIE: Corporate tax rate cuts and capital gains tax rate cuts are the best economic stimulus

    TRUTH: Corporate tax cuts don’t incentivize production -- demand does

    LIE: The use of budget reconciliation for health care reform undermined democracy

    TRUTH: Budget reconciliation requires a majority vote