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    LIE: Hawaii governor admitted they can’t find Barack Obama’s birth certificate

    TRUTH: Hawaii’s governor said Obama’s birth certificate is in the state’s archives

    LIE: Barack Obama gave Interpol the right to arrest U.S. citizens on U.S. soil

    TRUTH: Interpol does not make arrests in the U.S. or anywhere else

    LIE: A 2010 study debunked the link between global warming and hurricane intensity

    TRUTH: A study found climate change will make hurricanes stronger, but less frequent

    LIE: The director of Britain’s Climatic Research Unit admitted that global warming stopped in 1995

    TRUTH: The CRU director said that 15 years is not enough time for meaningful measurement of warming

    LIE: Because Barack Obama's father was a British citizen, Obama may not be eligible for the presidency

    TRUTH: Because Obama was born inside the U.S., he is eligible to be president

    LIE: Gun violence proposals are ineffective because more guns mean less crime

    TRUTH: The "more guns, less crime" theory is based on severely flawed research

    LIE: Coal is the most affordable energy source

    TRUTH: The environmental and health costs of coal outweigh its benefits