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    LIE: Common Core dictates curriculum to local schools

    TRUTH: Common Core is a set of educational standards, not a curriculum

    LIE: Common Core is a takeover of local schools by the federal government

    TRUTH: Common Core is a state-led initiative that is adopted voluntarily

    LIE: Common Core weakens educational standards

    TRUTH: Common Core’s standards are more rigorous than those of almost every state

    LIE: Laws protecting transgender people endanger women in public restrooms

    TRUTH: Nondiscrimination laws have not led to an increase in restroom assaults

    LIE: Transgender prisoners don’t deserve transgender medical treatment

    TRUTH: Health professionals say transgender medical treatment is medically important

    LIE: Transgender people don't exist and are actually just mentally ill

    TRUTH: Health professionals recognize the reality of transgender people's lives

    LIE: The Obama administration used the IRS to politically retaliate against conservative nonprofit groups

    TRUTH: The IRS gave extra scrutiny to applications from progressive, conservative, and non-ideological nonprofits