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    LIE: All taxes are theft

    TRUTH: All taxes can’t be theft if one believes government of some kind is necessary

    LIE: Deficits can only be reduced by cutting spending, not raising taxes

    TRUTH: Even conservative economists acknowledge deficits can be cut with higher taxes

    LIE: America is a Christian nation

    TRUTH: The Constitution contains no religious references

    LIE: Immigrants are parasites

    TRUTH: Immigrants help the economy grow

    LIE: Teaching young people about contraception encourages them to have sex

    TRUTH: Sex-ed programs delay the onset of sexual activity

    LIE: Our founders did not intend to separate church and state

    TRUTH: The First Amendment bars Congress from passing laws establishing a religion

    LIE: Banning abortion will end abortions

    TRUTH: Outlawing abortion only forces women to obtain unsafe procedures