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    LIE: Kenyan birth certificate proves Barack Obama was born in Kenya

    TRUTH: Conspiracy theorists forged a fake birth certificate and claimed it was Obama’s

    LIE: IPCC report misrepresented a study about the Amazon and drought

    TRUTH: Research shows that a large portion of the Amazon is susceptible to drought

    LIE: The New Deal did not lower unemployment

    TRUTH: Except for a brief recession, unemployment fell and the economy grew every year of the New Deal

    LIE: Abortions are necessary to create embryonic stem cells

    TRUTH: Embryonic stem cells are created from embryos that are fertilized in a lab

    LIE: Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis called for blacks to combat the "white oppressor"

    TRUTH: Michelle Obama quoted the opinions of Princeton alumni on race in her college thesis

    LIE: All proposals to prevent gun violence are infringements upon the Second Amendment

    TRUTH: Even Antonin Scalia says that the Second Amendment is “not unlimited”

    LIE: Pollution from coal does not affect public health

    TRUTH: Coal pollution causes breathing problems and many other health problems