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    LIE: Budget reconciliation is the “nuclear option”

    TRUTH: The “nuclear option” is the elimination of filibusters for judicial nominations

    LIE: A New England Journal of Medicine survey found half of doctors would quit over Obamacare

    TRUTH: Conservatives hyped an unscientific survey about the effect of Obamacare on doctors

    LIE: The Social Security Administration is stockpiling ammunition for nefarious purposes

    TRUTH: Social Security has a small group of armed agents that investigates fraud and other crimes

    LIE: The scientific consensus on global warming was undermined by “Climategate”

    TRUTH: The “Climategate” allegations were disproven by six official investigations

    LIE: Being an undocumented immigrant is a criminal offense

    TRUTH: Being in the U.S. without permission is a civil violation, not a criminal offense

    LIE: Erroneous Himalayan glacier statement in IPCC report undermines evidence of global warming

    TRUTH: An error on Himalayan glaciers in an IPCC report didn’t affect its broader conclusion

    LIE: Right-to-work laws prevent workers’ money from being spent on political activity

    TRUTH: Unions cannot force members to pay for their political activity