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    Wind turbines kill too many birds


    Wind turbines are only responsible for a minute fraction of bird deaths

    Wind energy accounts for a tiny percentage of bird deaths caused by humans. A 2007 report by the National Research Council concluded that wind turbine losses account for "a minute fraction" of bird deaths:

    Collisions with buildings kill 97 to 976 million birds annually; collisions with high-tension lines kill at least 130 million birds, perhaps more than one billion; collisions with communications towers kill between 4 and 5 million based on "conservative estimates," but could be as high as 50 million; cars may kill 80 million birds per year; and collisions with wind turbines killed an estimated at 20,000 to 37,000 birds per year in 2003, with all but 9,200 of those deaths occurring in California. Toxic chemicals, including pesticides, kill more than 72 million birds each year, while domestic cats are estimated to kill hundreds of millions of songbirds and other species each year. Erickson et al. (2005) estimate that total cumulative bird mortality in the United States "may easily approach 1 billion birds per year."

    Clearly, bird deaths caused by wind turbines are a minute fraction of the total anthropogenic bird deaths -- less than 0.003% in 2003 based on the estimates of Erickson et al. (2005).