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    Violence is soaring in border states


    Violence in the Mexican border region has been falling

    Violence in the border region with Mexico has actually been falling, not increasing.

    In 2011, USA Today published an “analysis that draws upon more than a decade of detailed crime data reported by more than 1,600 local law enforcement agencies in four states, federal crime statistics and interviews along the border from California to Texas.” The analysis found that it’s “not actually the case” that “the drug violence decimating northern Mexico has spilled onto U.S. soil and turned the region into a war zone.” USA Today reported:

    The analysis found that rates of violent crime along the U.S.-Mexico border have been falling for years -- even before the U.S. security buildup that has included thousands of law enforcement officers and expansion of a massive fence along the border.

    U.S. border cities were statistically safer on average than other cities in their states. Those border cities, big and small, have maintained lower crime rates than the national average, which itself has been falling.