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    Undocumented immigrants don’t pay taxes


    Undocumented immigrants pay income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes

    Immigrants pay income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes, and even an anti-immigration group has acknowledged that undocumented immigrants pay taxes.

    In a December 2007 report, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that "[a]ccording to available estimates," there were about "12 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States" at the time and "those immigrants pay individual income, sales, and property taxes." According to the Immigration Policy Center, undocumented immigrants, "like everyone else in the United States, pay sales taxes. They also pay property taxes -- even if they rent.  At least half of unauthorized immigrants pay income taxes."

    And in a 2004 study, the anti-immigration Center for Immigration Studies found that "contrary to the perceptions that illegal aliens don't pay payroll taxes, we estimate that more than half of illegals work 'on the books.' "