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    The Social Security Administration is stockpiling ammunition for nefarious purposes


    Social Security has a small group of armed agents that investigates fraud and other crimes

    This conspiracy theory arose in 2012 when the Social Security Administration posted a notice online that it was buying 174,000 hollow-point bullets. As the Associated Press reported, the bullets are for the agency’s armed investigators and will mostly be used as part of their training:

    The bullets are for Social Security's office of inspector general, which has about 295 agents who investigate Social Security fraud and other crimes, said Jonathan L. Lasher, the agency's assistant IG for external relations.

    The agents carry guns and make arrests -- 589 last year, Lasher said. They execute search warrants and respond to threats against Social Security offices, employees and customers.

    Agents carry .357 caliber pistols, Lasher said. The bullets, which add up to about 590 per agent, are for the upcoming fiscal year. Most will be expended on the firing range.