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    The NRA’s political power forces politicians to support its positions


    The 2012 election showed that the NRA’s political power is limited

    he results of the 2012 election prove that the National Rifle Association’s political power is limited. Over 95 percent of more than $18 million spent by the NRA during the 2012 elections went to races where the NRA-backed candidate lost. A review of the combined election spending by the NRA Institute for Legislative Action and the NRA Political Victory Fund, as reported by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation, determined that less than 5 percent of money spent by the NRA was spent on victorious candidates. Notably, the NRA spent over $12 million in a failed attempt to defeat President Obama. In the Senate, the NRA-backed candidate was not elected in six of its top seven targeted Senate races, and of 26 House incumbents defeated on Election Day, 18 were endorsed by the NRA.