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    Pollution from coal does not affect public health


    Coal pollution causes breathing problems and many other health problems

    Scientists have documented that coal emissions cause a wide range of health problems. In a 2011 summary report commissioned by the American Lung Association, scientists concluded that "hazardous air pollutants emitted to the atmosphere by coal-fired power plants cause a wide range of adverse health effects including damage to eyes, skin, and breathing passages; negative effects on the kidneys, lungs, and nervous system; increasing the risk of cancer; impairment of neurological function and ability to learn; and pulmonary and cardiovascular disease."

    Similarly, in testimony delivered on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics at a Senate hearing, Dr. Jerome Paulson stated "[t]here is overwhelming evidence linking air pollution with a variety of adverse health outcomes." Paulson went on to note that air pollution disproportionately impacts children.