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    Obamacare creates a health care system like the ones in Canada and the U.K.


    Obamacare builds on the current American health care system

    The Affordable Care Act preserves the current American health care system, which has both private insurance companies and government programs like Medicare. The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein described the systems in Canada and the United Kingdom:

    Canada has a single-payer health-care system. The government is the only insurer of any note. The United Kingdom has a socialized system, in which the government is not only the sole insurer of note but also employs most of the doctors and nurses and runs most of the hospitals.

    PolitiFact wrote that Obamacare “relies overwhelmingly on the free market, leaving in place employer-provided insurance and the popular Medicare program for people over age 65. It offers credits to Americans of modest means to help them buy private insurance. The law does not take over hospitals, and it does not offer government-sponsored insurance to all. It’s markedly different from health care systems in Canada or Great Britain.”