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    Obama's Veterans Administration produced a "Death Book for Veterans" that encourages vets to “pull the plug”


    The VA has encouraged veterans to think about end-of-life care since the Bush administration

    This is a distortion of a passage in a brochure about end-of-life decisions that was written by doctors and public health experts. The brochure, called “Your Life, Your Choices,” has been promoted by both the Obama administration and the George W. Bush administration.

    In “Your Life, Your Choices,” the phrase “pull the plug” is used as part of a sample discussion. It does not encourage readers to do this:

    Have you ever heard anyone say, "If I'm a vegetable, pull the plug"? What does this mean to you? What's a vegetable? What's a plug? Even people who live together can have very different ideas about what the same words mean without knowing it. The story of May and John Williams shows how important it is to be specific about what you mean.

    "I'd never want to live like a vegetable." Both May & John Williams have always shared this belief during their fifty years of marriage. But when they were talking about their advance care plans, they learned that they had very different views about what that meant. For May, it's when she can't take care of herself. John was surprised. For him, being a "vegetable" is much worse. "It's when my brain's not working but my body is being kept alive by machines."

    In fact, in discussing end-of-life options, the brochure presents this as the first option: “My life should be prolonged as long as it can, no matter what its quality, and using any means possible.”