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    Iraq had ricin prior to the U.S.-led invasion


    Iraq abandoned its ricin program in the mid-1990s

    The CIA's Iraq Survey Group (ISG) released a report in 2004 that found that Iraq did not have ricin. In a section on ricin, the report said: "ISG developed no definitive information with which to confirm reports of post-war [first Gulf War] production."

    The ISG found only that Iraqi scientists conducted research "until the mid-1990s" whose "aim was probably the development of poisons, including ricin," according to the report's "Key Findings." That document explained that Iraqi intelligence had maintained laboratories used for research into "assassination instruments" designed "to eliminate or debilitate the Regime's opponents." But the document noted: "There is no evidence to link these tests with the development of BW [biological warfare] agents for military use."