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    Health care reform legislation covers undocumented immigrants


    The health care reform law explicitly excludes undocumented immigrants, repeatedly

    The text of the Affordable Care Act includes multiple provisions barring people who aren’t legally present in the U.S. from benefiting from the law. In a 2011 article for the Southern California Law Review, Southern Methodist University law professor Nathan Cortez explained that Congress “took pains” to exclude undocumented immigrants:

    Congress took pains to clarify that health reform will not help those who are not lawfully present. In short, the Affordable Care Act explicitly prohibits those who are not lawfully present from (1) accessing temporary high-risk pools for those with preexisting conditions; (2) enrolling in special state-created plans for low-income individuals not eligible for Medicaid; (3) enrolling in new health care cooperatives; (4) receiving cost-sharing subsidies or premium tax credits to purchase health insurance; and (5) purchasing policies in the newly created exchanges, even without the benefit of government subsidies or credits.