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    George W. Bush ordered hijacked planes to be shot down on 9/11


    Dick Cheney gave the initial order to shoot down planes on 9/11

    Vice President Dick Cheney gave the initial order to shoot down planes, despite the fact that the vice president is not in the military chain of command. Cheney claimed he had previously confirmed the order with Bush, but the 9/11 Commission found no evidence to support this claim. The New York Times reported in 2010:

    When the country was attacked on the morning Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Bush was in Florida and Vice President Cheney was in a command bunker beneath the White House. Asked whether the military should shoot down an apparently hijacked plane, Mr. Cheney authorized them to do so. Josh Bolten, a White House aide who was also in the bunker, then asked Mr. Cheney to call Mr. Bush to "confirm" that order; the vice president is not part of the military chain of command. (As it turned out, the question was moot: all four hijacked planes had already crashed.) Later, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush told the 9/11 Commission that there had been an earlier phone call in which the president had previously given the vice president authorization to deliver a shoot-down order if necessary. But the 9/11 Commission found "no documentary evidence for this call" amid numerous communications logs and contemporaneous notes from the White House bunker and Mr. Bush’s airplane.